How to make a beautiful Minion Card – Very Easy – Tutorial For Beginners

In this project you’ll see how to make a simple Minion Card.
This tutorial it’s step by step instructions, so it’s very easy to underastand it.

Step 1: Watch the video!

Step 2: Gather your suplies.

1 4 3 2 5 6 7 8 9 10

-black paper ( 24 cm x 11.5 cm )

-yelow paper ( 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm )

-blue paper ( 7 cm x 4 cm )

-white paper ( 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm )

-black paper ( 11.5 cm x 1 cm )

-Four circles for the eye


-Double Adhesive Tape



Step 3: Tips!

  • If you have a paper cutter or a paper trimmer available, use it! It makes the cutting process go by much faster.

Step 4: Warnings!

  • When using scissors, a paper trimmer or a paper cutter, be careful not to cut yourself.

Step 5: Take the black paper ( 24 cm x 11.5 cm ) and fold it in half.


Step 6: Stick the yellow paper on the black one.

12 13

Step 7: Stick the blue paper on the yellow one.

14 15

Step 8: Stick the black paper ( 11.5 cm x 1 cm ) on the yellow one.

16 17

Step 9: Don’t forget the pocket !


Step 10: Make the eye!

Put the circles like in the photos!

19 20 21 22

Step 11: Finish the pants!

23 24

Step 12: Add some hair!

I used a few scraps of black paper


Step 13: Draw the mouth!

I used Premium Chalk Pens!

I received them like a gift and I recommend them 🙂

Very, very good markers.

You can buy them from here:


Step 14: Stick the white paper on the black one!


Step 15: Write your message!

Most Important Step 🙂


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Flower decoration – Interior design

How to make rainbow paper rosettes(with colored paper and recycled paper) for decorating your home, parties for children or adults, etc.

Used to decorate a bedroom, a birthday party, a communion, a candy bar, wedding rooms, etc.

Step 1: Watch the video!!!

Step 2: Items used.

For this project you need:

  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Colored Paper
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • A book that you don’t need

Step 3: Cut the paper!

You need to make:

  • 3 yellow paper sheets (8 cm x 24 cm )
  • 3 green paper sheets (4 cm x 24 cm )

Step 4: Mark the sheets of paper at each cm.

Step 5: Now score at each cm.

Step 6: Create a paper accordion.

Step 7: Make more paper accordions.

You need to make:

  • 3 yellow accordions
  • 3 green accordions

Step 8: Glue the green sheets on the bottom of the yellow sheets.

Step 9: ​Glue all three components together.

Glue all three components together to make a larger sheet.Unite the edges to make a circle.

Step 10: Cover the center off the circle.

Squeeze a little to the center and cover the center with a small circle of paper, a paper heart, etc…

Step 11: Make more circles.

Make more circles(with recycled paper and colored paper).

Put them together and decorate your walls!

Step 12: More Project Videos

Well now you know how to decorate your home walls with paper flowers !

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